Balance of the Invisible and the Foreseeable

Gabriel Kuri Balance of the Invisible and the Foreseeable, 2014 powder-coated metal, donated sleeping bags 123 x 576 x 124 cm / 48 ⅜ x 226 ¾ x 48 ⅞ in Installation view, INFORMATION (Today), Kunsthalle Basel, Basel, 25 June - 10 October 2021© Gabriel Kuri. Courtesy the Artist and Sadie Coles HQ, London.© Photo: Philipp Hänger / Kunsthalle Basel

Balance of the Invisible and the Foreseeable (2014) is a floor-based sculpture made of colourful powder-coated metal discs and sleeping bags. The metal elements rest on the floor, one leaning against another, with sleeping bags wedged between and underneath them. The work was made for an individual exhibition All probability resolves into form at The Common Guild, which was part of the Glasgow International festival in 2014.

In its use of materials and treatment of forms, the Balance of the Invisible and the Foreseeable is representative of Kuri’s key concerns. While drawing heavily from minimalism and geometric abstraction, it points to social issues and their relationship to the financial systems that we rely on. Bright colours of metal discs evoke the logos of credit cards such as Mastercard, Maestro and Cirrus, while the sleeping bags (some collected before the exhibition for charities supporting people made destitute) are associated with rough sleeping. One of the central questions of sculpture (how to maintain structural balance) formally and figuratively connects with the overleveraged credit and homelessness crises.