Transaction record 202.00 (stain)

© Gabriel Kuri. Courtesy the Artist and Sadie Coles HQ, London. Photo: Ramón Zendejas

Transaction record 202.00 (stain) (2023) is hand-woven wool tapestry, representative of the body of work that Gabriel Kuri has been developing for the past decade repurposing hundreds of receipts collected over the years in various countries.

The work, woven in black and white, records a cash withdrawal made by the artist at an ATM in New York City in April 2023. Recording transactions of various scope and value is a recurring motif of Kuri’s work and receipts often feature in his collages, sculptures and textile pieces. They trace consumers’ habits, activities and economic mechanisms behind each purchase or currency exchange, reflecting the connection between social, cultural and economic values that have been preoccupying Kuri throughout his practice.

Transforming a mundane object, a receipt into a monumental tapestry, highlighting its every ink mark, stain and wrinkle, gives prominence to an everyday transaction and a gesture of printing out its record.