kanal for everyone

The former Citroën garage was built for cars. This is getting very clear inside of the building where you will have to walk up slopes to reach the floors or the fact that there are no elevators in the building.


This means that during this first year of prefiguration Kanal takes up the space as it is. The building therefore has its limitations. We do everything we can to take into account the needs and wishes of the public as much as possible.


The entrance at the Akenkaai is not accessible for cars or buses. Parking in front of the door is therefore not possible. Moreover, the path at the Akenkaai consists of cobblestones.
Persons in a wheelchair or with a physical disability can enter Kanal via Willebroek quay 7. It is easier to park your car at this side of Kanal and the path is flat and accessible.


In exchange for an identity card you can obtain a wheelchair at the cash desk.


For socio-cultural organizations or individuals in socio-economic difficulties, we offer important discounts on the entrance ticket. Kanal cooperates with organizations such as Article 27 and the Cultuurparticipatiefonds in order to be able to serve you even better.


Does your group have specific needs or wishes? Then let us know for sure! We try to adapt to each individual as much as possible!


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