• Saturday, 16Sunday, 17 March, 2019


The Brussels biennial of performance art turns the spotlight on the contemporary art of performance through the prism of theatre, dance and the visual arts. Performatik is the main performance-art event in Brussels. In partnership with: KANAL–Centre Pompidou | Beursschouwburg | Wiels | ARGOS centre for art and media | Bozar | Kaos | workspacebrussels | Boghossian Foundation – Villa Empain | CC Strombeek | Centrale For Contemporary Art | ZSenne artlab |  A.PASS | In collaboration with the KAAITHEATER


co-production : Kaaitheater & KANAL-Centre Pompidou


River Lin

Mon réveil me réveille (2017)


Our day starts as soon as we wake up and lasts until we fall asleep. These two extremes align the primal unity of our lifetime. The idea of realizing these two ends in a short lapse of time and of questioning the act of awaking from sleep as an artificial force is the inspiration behind this work.


To indicate the process of time and to ritualize everday movements, this living installation creates a situation in which an artist sleeps with an alarm clock until she is woken by the alarm, repeatedly.


By mechanizing the bodies and by situating this performance in a gallery, the chronology of human life enters the context of the fabrication of exhibitions, negotiating ways of viewing art based on the time between the works and the spectators.


Concept : River Lin

Performance : River Lin and Yi-Chun Liu