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Press release from the KANAL Foundation


In response to recent media-discussions around the future artistic direction of KANAL, the KANAL Foundation wishes to clarify the decision taken by the Board on June 21st and its intentions.


The Board of the KANAL Foundation has considered that both Kasia Redzisz and Bernard Blistène have a role to play in the future of KANAL. The Board has therefore accepted in principle the collaboration for which contours are yet to be specified. This decision was taken with the agreement of Kasia Redzisz and Bernard Blistène, both having full knowledge of the work and the opinion of the jury.


It was agreed that Kasia Redzisz and Bernard Blistène would work on the terms and conditions of this collaboration together with KANAL's management in the coming weeks. The Board of the KANAL Foundation will meet by July 21st to finalise the terms and the framework of their collaboration.


It will be proposed that the collaboration fully integrates Kasia Redzisz as Artistic Director, while allowing the Foundation to benefit from Bernard Blistène's experience in the context of the KANAL’s partnership with the Centre Pompidou.