Tourniqué à Kinshasa

© Dries Van den Brande

Mega Mingiedi's work brings together graphic poetry, collage, architectural design and cartography. Although at first glance the designs depict the physical and visible urban reality of Kinshasa, they also reveal a second invisible city with reality hidden beneath the surface.

The work’s title echoes the concept of change, indicating that things are on the move in Kinshasa: "With Tourniqué à Kinshasa, I put greater emphasis on the efforts of the Inspection générale des finances, assisted by the justice department, to track down the thieves who steal from the state. I bear witness to this and encourage the Ministry of Justice to support the IGF to reinforce our economy and for a better social life for us in the future. Hopefully, schools will return and Congo will advance. In the ranking of 180 countries according to their level of corruption, Congo has risen from 170th to 169th place thanks to the efforts of the IGF. Although there is still work to be done, it is an encouraging small step. Tourniqué à Kinshasa addresses the country's current rulers and students preparing to become tomorrow's leaders. [Mega Mingiedi].

The work was activated by a performance in Kinshasa in July 2022, during the Yango biennial.